A Do-It-Yourself Installation

With installation this simple, say hello to a truck bed cover
that you can remove and reinstall all by yourself.

Get to know your DiamondBack.

Because a DiamondBack is meant to help you get more out of your truck, we designed it to come on and off easily. A DiamondBack truck cover installs on your truck bed one panel at a time and comes off one panel at a time. There's no better way to get to know your DiamondBack then to install it yourself.

DiamondBack 180 Owners Guide

Get to know the DiamondBack 180
truck bed cover even better.
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Find the DiamondBack Cover that fits your life, your work, and your budget.

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Why DiamondBack?

Watch the Experience videos and find out why.
Check out why you should buy a DiamondBack truck bed cover

Rugged Black

Truck Covers reinforced with Rugged Black. The toughest covers on the market, now with the toughest coating in the world.

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