Easy access all the way around.

Part gull-wing style toolbox, part hinged truck bed cover, the DiamondBack 270 features a unique three-hatch design. These three large access panels make for easy access to all your cargo all the way around your truck. You paid for your whole bed, so you should be able to access it all, too. Experience easy access

It keeps you organized.

Optional aluminum storage bins can be placed underneath the gull-wing doors of the DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover. They're available in three sizes: an 8" deep bin, a 13" deep crossover bin, and a 4" tray with an integrated 8" tool trough. These storage bins are made to help keep you and your things organized, so you can spend less time searching and reaching for things and more time doing things.

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DiamondBack 270 truck bed covers provide total bed access from the front, sides and the rear of the truck bed
Haul stuff on top of your DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover

More ways to haul your stuff.

The DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover can handle up to 400 lbs. on top. That means you can use it as a work surface and a hauling platform. Is your truck bed already full? No problem! If you install an optional set of tie-down cleats, you can safely haul boxes, furniture, tree stands, game, and work-related materials on top.  Experience hauling on top

No need to check the weather.

The DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover keeps water your truck bed using a neoprene compression gasket around the perimeter. Gutters underneath the hinge points channel water runoff away from your bed when you open the cover's access panels. With a DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover, the stuff in your truck bed will stay dry no matter what weather is falling from the sky.
Experience weather protection

DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover provides protection from the weather for the gear in your bed

Trusted security.

DiamondBack 270 truck bed covers provide trusted security for your gearKeyed lock handles on all three doors turn steel rods that keep your equipment and gear safe from weather and theft by engaging directly under your truck's bed rails. This robust locking system means peace of mind, knowing your gear is safe and secure.
Experience security

Metal construction means customization.

You heard us: Because the DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover is made of diamond plate aluminum, you can bolt-mount virtually whatever you want to the top or underside of the truck bed cover to suit the way you use your truck. Gun racks, light bars, air compressors, you name it.

DiamondBack 270 is an aluminum truck bed cover that allows for customization

Haul tall cargo whenever you want.

The rear access panel of the DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover folds back or comes off in seconds to allow for tall cargo such as lawnmowers, refrigerators, and grills. Strap the folded panel down against the rest of the cover using the optional tie-down cleats, or leave the panel behind.  See removability in action

It’s aluminum. Tearing or cracking is not an option.

Made of .080" 3003 alloy aluminum diamond plate, which is thicker than the metal on most truck toolboxes, this truck bed cover can't be cracked or cut open like other tonneau covers. Plus, you don't have to worry about tearing it, denting it, or cracking it. The DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover will handle anything you can throw at it. It's durability and security you can see and feel.


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