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Unparalleled strength and security. Easy truck bed access. DiamondBack Truck Covers have a lot in common,
but when you understand what sets them apart, you'll find out which DiamondBack is right for you.

DiamondBack SE

The cover that let's
you do more.

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DiamondBack HD

The ultimate workhorse
in truck bed covers.

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DiamondBack 270

A toolbox and a truck
bed cover combined.

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DiamondBack 180

The butterfly
tonneau cover.

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MSRP From $1,049 From $1,449 From $1,449 From $1,249
Top Hauling Up to 400 lbs. Up to 1600 lbs. Up to 400 lbs. Up to 400 lbs.
Diamond Plate Aluminum .080" 3003 Alloy .100" 3003 Alloy .080" 3003 Alloy .080" 3003 Alloy
Cargo Cleats 4 Cleats Installed 12 Cleats Installed Option Available Option Available
Opening Panels 1 Front, 1 Rear 1 Front, 1 Rear 2 Side, 1 Rear 2 Side
Accommodates Tall Cargo
Cover Height Profile 2" Profile 2" Profile 2" Profile 2" Profile
Removal Time Up to 10 min. Up to 10 min. Up to 10 min. Up to 10 min.
Total Weight Up to 90 lbs. Up to 125 lbs. Up to 110 lbs. Up to 105 lbs.
Individual Panel Weight Up to 35 lbs. Up to 50 lbs. Up to 35 lbs. Up to 40 lbs.
Additional Construction 3/8" steel lock rods, key-locking T-handles,
stainless steel external hardware, zinc-plated steel internal hardware, 5356 alloy TIG welds
The installation and use of any rail mounted accessory may cause minor aesthetic damage to the vehicle exterior. DiamondBack makes no claims or warranties whatsoever as to a
particular vehicle's ability to support rail mounted accessories without incurring damage. See your vehicle manufacturer's specifications for rail mounted accessories.

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Rugged Black

Truck Covers reinforced with Rugged Black. The toughest covers on the market, now with the toughest coating in the world.

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