Outlet Polished DiamondBack SE - fits ‘97-03 Ford F-150 & early '98 F-250 6.5-ft. bed


Why is this unit in the DiamondBack Outlet?

This used DiamondBack SE  has a bent hinge face on the passenger side tail panel as well as excessive overhang of the center panel on the passenger side. This cover may leak as a result. Scuffs & scratches on locks and panel undersides. 

All DiamondBack Outlet items carry the same lifetime warranty as regular DiamondBack items.

Vehicle: Fits ‘97-03 Ford F-150 & early '98 F-250 6.5-ft. bed

Condition: Used Factory second: item failed quality inspection at the end of production, usually for cosmetic reasons. Used: item left the building & came back (e.g., company demos, customer returns, units damaged in shipping) ?

Part number: FF97S-SE-DU-C4/d

Finish: Aluminum

Serial number: 63702

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  • Lifetime Warranty