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A Philipsburg man welds a DiamondBack ATV ramp

Proudly crafted in the USA

We construct our products using metal, hardware, and welding supplies that come from American suppliers. From smalltown USA, we are challenging the status quo of what truck bed covers should be so that we can all do more with our trucks.

DiamondBack Truck Covers founders Ethan Wendle and Matt Chverchko

From college classroom to corporation.

Our founders Ethan Wendle and Matt Chverchko first met each other while attending Penn State University in 2003. Birthed in ENGR 407, an engineering entrepreneurial class, DiamondBack Truck Covers got its start because of a classroom project which grew from a garage operation into an American corporation.

It takes a team.

The incredible story of DiamondBack’s start and its commitment to American manufacturing.

Philipsburg, PA Home of DiamondBack

At DiamondBack Truck Covers, we’re a team dedicated to rolling up our sleeves, getting dirty, and building quality products that make a difference. We’re proud to have always called Philipsburg, PA our home.

DiamondBack Truck Covers’ headquarters in Philipsburg A DiamondBack employee masks a truck bed cover before application of Rugged Black A DiamondBack employee welds a Cross Bin 13

Our culture

Here are the six core values that we at DiamondBack try to live and work by:

  • Love what you do and
    those around you.

  • Make a

  • Be reliable
    and honest.

  • Work smarter.

  • Be adventurous
    and creative.

  • Never quit until
    the job is done.

Join the team.

We’re a team dedicated to building a company that customers love to buy from and employees love to work for.

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