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Preparing youth for the adventure of a meaningful life.

DiamondBack Youth Impact Awards exist to help prepare the next generation to be confident, capable, and socially conscious individuals, ready to take on life's adventures with enthusiasm and purpose.

We do this by empowering and funding guides who invite and mentor young people in many areas of adventure.

Mind Mind Arts, Music, Financial, Certifications, Job Training, etc.
Body Body Sports, Outdoor Activities, Martial Arts, Nutrition, etc.
Heart Heart Public Speaking, Community Service, Leadership Training, etc.
Soul Soul Church Participation, Spiritual Retreats/Camps, Meditation, Counseling, etc.

Do you have a passion for mentoring youth in these areas of adventure and need funds to make it happen?

Where we serve.

Focusing on Central PA | Centre, Clearfield, and Dauphin counties

How can we help you?

Do you need funding to help prepare youth for the adventure of a meaningful life?

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Are you between the ages of 10-22 and interested in real adventures in the Central PA area?

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Do you have questions about the program? Are you an organization that believes in our mission and would love to be a part of it?

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