How We Do It

The brains behind the brawn.

  1. A patented design combining diamond plate aluminum and structural support studs provides the platform for a new way of hauling with your truck.
  2. US Patent 6,883,855
  3. Image - Studs and diamond plate

    Something clever about studs.

    1. Image
    2. Structural support studs spread cargo weight out over all four bed rails of your truck. They’re the “ribs” of the cover, giving it strength unmatched by any other tonneau cover on the market.
    3. Hauling icon - Haul up to 1,600 lbs.

      Our cover has thick skin.

      1. Super close-up image of black diamond plate
      2. HD = .100” 3003 alloy aluminum grade
      3. SE/270/180 = .080” 3003 alloy aluminum grade

        Load it up. Strap it down.

        1. Image of cover w/ cleats highlighted
        2. With the ability to haul on top, securing items to the cover becomes an important part of owning a DiamondBack. Tie-down cleats are used for strapping loads to the top of your DiamondBack or for securing panels that are folded back when hauling tall cargo.
        3. High-strength, heavy duty nylon boating cleat
        4. 1200 lb. tensile strength
        5. Up to 12 tie-down cleats pre-installed