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with the toughest, most secure truck bed cover.

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Whether it’s a vacation trip to the beach with the family or a camping trip across the country with the buddies, you can feel confident with a DiamondBack. Because we all want a cover we can trust in any situation. Trust that our gear will stay dry and secure and that the cover will last a lifetime. Trust that we’ll be ready for anything.

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Some like it smooth

Available for the DiamondBack HD, SE, and 270

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Why Buy a DiamondBack?

  • Peace of Mind A secure truck bed so you don't have to worry.
  • Buy with Confidence The last bed cover you’ll buy for your truck.
  • Lifetime Warranty The best warranty of any hard truck bed cover.
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Light it up

No matter the time, the DiamondBack LIGHT is ready.

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The Long Haul

DiamondBack x Yakima OverHaul HD Rack System

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Stay Organized

DiamondBack MOLLE Panel

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Tailor your Tools

Customize your DiamondBack with ToolBar.


A Tough Rack

DiamondBack x Front Runner Rack System

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