Product Info

  • Do you make a DiamondBack cover for my truck?
    In most cases, yes. That includes many older trucks and overseas-only models. Late-model exceptions include Avalanche/Escalade and Ridgeline.
  • Does the cover come with all its weatherstrip already on?
    Yes, with one exception. In addition to the neoprene gasket that’s pre-affixed around the perimeter of your DiamondBack truck bed cover, most late-model pickups will need a single piece of weatherstrip applied to the top of the cargo box bulkhead before the DiamondBack is installed. This piece of weather strip is shipped along with every cover we sell.
  • Will a DiamondBack work with my fifth-wheel trailer?
    Yes and no. You won’t be able to have the cover on and access your fifth-wheel hitch at the same time. However, DiamondBack tonneau covers are made to be taken on and off easily when needed. Many customers with fifth-wheels remove their DiamondBacks and either place them in the trailer or in their cargo beds next to the hitch during travel, then re-install their DiamondBack (10 minutes, max) after arriving at their destination.
  • Does DiamondBack make a tonneau cover to fit behind my crossover tool box?
    Yes. We are able to make HD, SE, 270, and 180 covers to fit behind your Crossover tool box, provided it has latches that are at least 2" above the bed rail, or opens with a button.
  • I just got a new truck. Can I use my old DiamondBack cover on it?
    Maybe. But probably not. Every DiamondBack tonneau cover is model-specific. If your new truck has the same body style as your old truck (e.g., a 2012 F-250 short box and a 2008 F-250 short box) your cover will fit as it should. But if your new truck is a different make or body style, the best you’ll get—and this is only with some truck pairings—is a serviceable fit. In most cases, and certainly if your new truck’s cargo box is a different length, it’s time for a new DiamondBack!
  • Are DiamondBack covers clear-coated?
    No. Clear coating often yellows over time and ends up looking horrible. In addition, scratching clear coat results in a magnified scratch that reflects off the mirror finish of the diamond plate and looks even worse. You can buff out scratches in aluminum, but not in clear coat.
  • Do you spray the Rugged Black or do you have someone else do it?
    We do it in house!
  • Does a DiamondBack make my truck bed hot?
    A DiamondBack cover will make the inside of your bed hotter than if it wasn't there. Anytime you remove flowing air from a space, the temperature in that space is more likely to rise, just as it is in your truck’s cab.
  • Do you have local, stocking dealers near me?
    We do not have any stocking dealers, however, we do have a number of dealers throughout the United States and worldwide. Contact DiamondBack for assistance locating a dealer near you at 1-800-935-4002.
  • Can I haul 2 ATVs on a full-size 5.5' bed?
    No. Our extension deck allows for the hauling of 2 ATVs on pickups with short beds, but can only be installed on covers measuring a minimum of 6’4” in length.
  • How long does it take to load and unload ATVs?
    It takes about 25 minutes to load 2 and 15 minutes to unload.
  • Do the diamonds on all 3 panels line up?
    No. Due to the taper of the truck cover it is nearly impossible to match the diamond pattern perfectly. You may get lucky and find that your cover’s diamonds do line up, but that is the exception, not the norm.
  • Can you open and close the tailgate without opening a DiamondBack?
    Yes. Because DiamondBack covers rest on top of the cargo box’s rails, bulkhead and tailgate and do not engage with the tailgate, opening and closing your tailgate while the cover is closed will be no issue. Even with a load on top of the cover. Auto-opening the tailgate via key fob may not work.
  • Are the hinges vulnerable to tampering due to them being on top of the cover w/ the bolts exposed?
    Not as vulnerable as you may think. We utilize flat-head machine screws and nylon lock-nuts to fasten our hinges to the cover. The nylon lock-nuts make it very difficult to loosen the screw from the topside of the cover only.

Installation & Removal



Orders, Shipping & Returns

  • Where is my order?
    Please visit the [order status] section of our help page.
  • Where can I buy a DiamondBack?
    Here on this website! We also have a few brick-and-mortar dealers throughout the United States and worldwide.
  • Do you offer financing?
    No, but you could call us at 800.935.4002 to place an order and pay with PayPal using PayPal Credit.
  • How much is shipping?
    That depends on where it’s being shipped. All of our shipping rates can be seen in the shipping & returns section of our help page.
  • Can DiamondBack ship to my house?
    Yes. In fact, we ship to houses more than to any other kind of destination. Since a delivery signature will be required, the freight carrier will call ahead to schedule a half-day appointment when they know someone will be home to sign.
  • Can I change my shipping address?
    It depends: Not if your order has already shipped. But it’s still here in Philipsburg, contact us ASAP to request the change.
  • What size box is my DiamondBack shipped in?
    DiamondBack HD and DiamondBack SE are shipped in palletized boxes that measure 79" long × 20" tall × 45" (eight-foot beds) or 39" (all other beds) wide.

    DiamondBack 270s are shipped wrapped in cardboard and palletized. Shipments measure, on average, about 75" long × 16" tall × 75" (eight-foot beds) or 60" (all other beds) wide.

    DiamondBack 180s are also shipped wrapped in cardboard and palletized. Shipments measure, on average, about 77" wide × 12" tall × 104" (eight-foot beds) or 84" (all other beds) long.
  • Does DiamondBack ship internationally?
    Yes. Most frequently, we ship to a U.S. freight forwarder of your choice, and they handle it from there. But we have also shipped many times directly overseas, sometimes straight to your door, sometimes to the closest port city, depending on the freight carrier’s capabilities. To discuss further, please contact us.
  • What is the DiamondBack shipping & return policy?
    Check out the shipping & returns section of our help page.