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Rear Window Protection Options
Low-profile Cab GuardLow-profile Cab Guard HD Cab GuardHD Cab Guard Headache RackHeadache Rack
Hauling 1 ATV has never been easier. 
Perfect for ATV owners that only need to haul one ATV while securing their gear below, this ATV hauler includes the DiamondBack HD, 12’ folding aluminum ramps, rear adapter bars and your choice of rear window protection for your truck.
Max distance, nose of ATV to rear axle: Truck-bed specific
Shipped to your door / Built in the USA / Lifetime Warranty



With the DIamondBack ATV Carrier you don’t have to worry about speed limit restrictions, increased tolls, parking constraints and difficulty getting to off-road trailheads. Say goodbye to the added expense of buying a trailer and keeping it registered, maintained, and stored.



Forget about having to make those hard decisions on what to take. Whether that be more ATVs, a boat, or a camper now you can haul it all with one truck.



Peace of mind is knowing your gear is safe when you’re out riding or away from your truck while traveling to ATV trails.

Helping You Turn A Truck Cover

Into An ATV Hauler.

ATV Ramps
ATV Ramps
Adapter Bars
Adapter Bars
Cab Guard
Cab Guard
Not your average ramps. They're 12' long, providing an inline less than most taligate ramps. A 3" side wall helps keep your tires on the ramp. Designed to hook on Adapter Bars eliminating the chance of kick-out. Learn More >
  • Supports up to 1600 lbs per set
  • Weighs 35 lbs per ramp
An add-on to help you get a little extra length to haul longer wheelbase vehicles. Detachable when not in use, they prop up your tires so you can still hook your ramps on and off the Adapter Bars. Learn More >
A ramp’s best friend, they’re mounted to the DiamondBack HD with stainless steel bolts and rubber washers, providing a secure foundation for the ATV Ramps to hook on and hook off. Learn More >
Providing varying levels of window protection, they mount to the top of the DiamondBack HD. Choose between the Low-Profile Cab Guard, HD Cab Guard, or Headache Rack. Learn More >
Hauling Capacity 1,600 lbs.
Dimensions Cab/Tailgate Panel: 31” | 35 lbs.
Center Panel: 6” | 40 lbs.
Total Cover Weight: 110 lbs.
Max wheelbase of ATV: Truck bed specific
Construction .100” 3003 alloy aluminum grade
7 structural studs
Neoprene compression gasket
Stainless steel hinges and external hardware
3/8" steel lock rods
Die-cast zinc, keyed lock handles
5356 alloy TIG welds
Components DiamondBack HD
ATV Ramps
Cab Guard
Rear Adapter Bars
Installation Time Approximately 2 hours
Removal Time 10 min
We build the toughest truck bed covers on the market and we stand behind them. DiamondBack products come with a limited lifetime warranty which covers both the manufacture and parts of the cover, excluding factory applied coatings which are covered for 3 years from adhesion issues only. Register your warranty online and if your DiamondBack needs some help, just give us a call.