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Cross Bin 13

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A saddle truck tool box under your cover.

DiamondBack Cross Bin 13 is our take on the saddle truck tool box. It's 13" deep and keeps your bed organized by storing larger items near the cab of your Toyota. It installs by hooking over the bed rails of your truck. Additional mounting to the bed rails may be necessary. (Limit one per truck.)


Maximize your bed. Check it out.

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Hauling Capacity 100 Ibs.
Dimensions Size: 20" x 13" (length truck-specific)
Weight: ~28 lbs.

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Let Us Install It!

No one enjoys drilling into their DiamondBack. With Base Track Installation, DiamondBack installs the tracks of your chosen rack system at the factory. You'll save yourself time and possible headaches knowing your tracks are installed correctly. Enjoy the outdoors instead of spending time installing the tracks on your DiamondBack.

*Tracks are not installed on the center panel of your DiamondBack.


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How to Measure Your truck Bed:

Bed length is the distance between the inside of your tailgate and the bulkhead.

Does Your Bed Have an In-bed Track?

An in-bed track requires special cap clamps for installation.

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