Yakima DoubleHaul Fly Rod Carrier

Yakima DoubleHaul Fly Rod Carrier

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Rain or shine, your rods are securely locked and protected from the elements with the top-of-the-line Yakima DoubleHaul™ fly rod carrier. Built to transport a total of 4, fully strung-up rods up to 10 ft. long. The reel box is designed to protect and fit most reel sizes, and the modern styling and customizable half-length configuration make it a perfect fit on any truck.

  • Configurable at either 11 ft. or 6 ft. of length
  • Transports 4 fully strung-up fly rods up to 10 ft. long
  • Top 2 reel slots fit most 12-wt. reels & the bottom 2 reel slots fit most 10-wt. reels
  • Reel box holds common fighting butts of single-handed rods
  • Reel box holds up to 2 spey rods in upper slots
  • Individual plastic-lined aluminum tubes provide separation for rods and prevent abrasion
  • Side placement of reels reduces wear on rod-stripping guides and eyelets
  • Felt padding for premium reel protection
  • Yakima SKS (Single Key System) Locks included
Shipped to your door / Built in the USA
Dimensions 131.00" L x 15.00" x H 9.00" H
Configurable at either 11 ft. or 6 ft. of length
Weight 46 lbs
  • DiamondBack x Yakima Rack System

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