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Never Look Back

Ask anyone on our team, and they’ll tell you we do too little celebrating and spend too little time reminiscing about our journey as a company. That’s not likely to change anytime soon. It’s been more than twenty years since DiamondBack opened for business, and we have plenty of great memories, but few photos or videos of our most meaningful moments.

That’s because we’ve always been focused on the task at hand. And highlight reels don’t capture the stuff we’re most passionate about anyway. Nearly all of our favorite stories revolve around a common theme: fighting and winning against difficult challenges. Notching victories against difficult challenges, as it turns out, is tough to do while toting a camera. It’s impossible while dwelling in the past. And when fighting is what you’re passionate about, you tend to move onto the next one pretty quickly.

When we run across a failure, we mine it for a lesson and move on. When we achieve a goal, we quickly set a more daunting one. With a world of distractions, we set our course, focus on the world right in front of us, and take another step forward.

This mentality isn’t unique to us, it’s shared by our partners and customers too. What we know that seems ignored by too many is that we’re working against a clock, it’s not slowing down, and there’s no time for distractions.

Each of us has a purpose and abilities that deserve our best, but so many of us follow a bearing we never set, check, or challenge. Before you know it, a year is over. Then a decade. Way off course, but all along holding the map and compass with full control over our direction.

We build our lives one step at a time on the path of our own choosing. No matter how good our choice, we’re guaranteed to face obstacles and losses along the way. We may as well conquer our challenges with our all, and earn victories that justify our struggles. Get after it. Decide what your day, year, and life will look like. Set your heading and march forward.

Never Look Back.


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