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The Best Tonneau Cover and Bed Rack Combo


As a heavy duty tonneau cover manufacturer, DiamondBack realizes there are other tonneau cover companies out there that you research when shopping for a truck bed cover. Folding tonneaus, hard folding covers, roll-ups, and retractable bed covers pop up when first beginning your search. Things you consider when shopping are how it looks on your truck, how discrete it looks on your bed, how easy the cover is to install, and how practical the cover is throughout your daily pursuits.

A pursuit can be defined as “an activity of a specified kind,” and when we at DiamondBack encourage our customers to tackle their pursuits head on, we’re stressing the importance of always being prepared for whatever comes their way. Whether it’s an at-home project, or as extreme as a winter sport or hunting big game, DiamondBack strives to serve as both an aid in preparation and a tonneau cover you can depend on at all times.

With that being said, not every truck owner fits their bed with a DiamondBack. This reiterates the question of “what tonneau cover is right for you?” If you’re reading this then you’re most likely in the market for both a tonneau cover and a bed rack to go along with it so you can conquer your pursuit. So much of your decision is about preference and what adventures you're going to tackle using your truck. At the end of the day, we recommend maximized accessibility, versatility, and durability with whatever combo you decide for your truck. Here’s some of our thoughts on finding the right tonneau and bed rack combo for you.

Types of Tonneau Covers

With any of the following tonneau covers, you’ll get some type of protection for your gear. The differences in the types of tonneau covers can be found in the accessibility, versatility, and durability of each of them.

roll-up tonneau cover

Roll-up Tonneau Covers | Roll-up tonneau covers (soft and hard) are probably the most common and most basic versions of tonneau covers you’ll find - and often the cheapest. First and foremost, roll-up tonneau covers are set in place with the use of a metal frame that bolts to the bed. In terms of ease of use, this type of tonneau is a go-to option for truck owners who typically want a tonneau cover for their bed sooner rather than later.

Are roll-up covers compatible with bed rack systems? Not every tonneau cover is compatible with a rack system and the types that are usually only have a few certain systems available for that particular tonneau. In the case of a roll-up cover, there are rack systems compatible because the cover mounts between your bed rails such as the Access ADARAC that are specifically designed for roll-ups.

folding tonneau cover

Folding Tonneau Covers | Although there are both hard and soft folding tonneau covers, each will fundamentally function the same. Differences in the two include pricing as well as the ability to haul on top - if your pursuit calls you to do so. Most folding covers offer full bed access with the exception of a few cheaper options.

Concerns about folding covers include being able to install truck bed accessories due to the location of where you need to install a folding cover. Usually, the location of installation of both accessories and folding covers (and other types of tonneaus) is the same, which makes certain accessories such as ladder racks or headache racks incompatible with these tonneaus.

Are folding covers compatible with bed rack systems? Brands such as BAK and TruXedo offer folding covers that are compatible with certain systems that you can certainly look into. Folding covers - like roll-ups - are mounted between your bed rails so all that’s needed is finding a rack system specifically designed for that particular tonneau brand.

retractable tonneau cover

Retractable Tonneau Covers | Roll-ups, folding, and retractable covers are all similar in the fact that they’re mounted between the bed rails of the truck. Each of the three types of tonneaus offer a discreet look to where you can barely notice a bed cover on the truck. For many, factors such as a sleek look combined with a simple and nearly full bed access is advantageous.

Retractable covers slide back and forth, allowing for as much or as little of the bed as you need. Some of these tonneaus can be pulled back towards the cab by hand, and some are electric powered. Concerns include durability due to the mechanical design, particularly in cold climates. Weather protection and security against theft are questions for potential tonneau cover owners looking at retractable bed covers.

Are retractable covers compatible with bed rack systems? The RetraxONE XR is a popular rack system that’s compatible with a retractable bed cover. It offers its own rail system that’s built into the particular tonneau, which makes your day-to-day life easier and more versatile. Most of the time, when searching for the perfect bed rack and tonneau combo for your truck, you will rarely find a tonneau that is designed exclusively for a bed rack (and vice versa).

heavy duty tonneau coverHeavy Duty Tonneau Covers | Heavy duty tonneau covers are a bit different from other tonneau covers that you’ll come across in your search. Unlike a roll-up, folding, or retractable tonneau cover, a heavy duty bed cover such as a DiamondBack is made of lightweight aluminum. Another difference you’ll notice is that a DiamondBack is mounted above the bed rails of the truck due to its structural design providing the utmost durability. For some, having a cover sit on top of their truck bed and having it stand out is a deal breaker. For others, the heavy duty and rugged look is both versatile and bold.

Other factors to note when looking into outfitting a truck with a DiamondBack is its durability that trumps other tonneau covers. The DiamondBack HD model allows for you to haul up to 1,600 lbs on top of the cover. The lock handles and deadbolt-style lock system allow for maximum security and eliminate the possibility of someone simply taking a knife to a vinyl tarp. And because a DiamondBack tonneau cover sits on top of the bed with a thick EPDM compression gasket that runs along the perimeter of the cover, it protects against any and all weather conditions that you would have maybe otherwise been worried about with other types of tonneau covers.

Are heavy duty covers compatible with bed rack systems? DiamondBack exclusively offers multiple bed rack systems compatible with its covers directly on its website. The Front Runner x DiamondBack Rack System offers the ability to have up to 3 load bars, and gives you the opportunities to take on any pursuit. You can also find the DiamondBack x Yakima OverHaul HD Rack System designed exclusively for the heavy duty cover. Each rack system eases you in the adventure of your choice due to the carriers that go along with each rack system. Fish, ski, shoot, snowboard, kayak, you name it. Each rack system is also compatible with any truck and makes for truck camping that much more efficient. DiamondBack Covers strive to serve as both an aid in preparation and a tonneau cover you can depend on at all times.

A Perfect Match

Finding a tonneau cover that fits your truck is not an easy task. Nor is finding a tonneau cover and bed rack system that serves as the perfect combo for your specific needs and pursuits. Above all else, the team at DiamondBack is here to help you in your search and ultimately conquer your next adventure, rather than have you worry and feel unprepared. Your pursuit is well-earned, well-deserved, and should be unforgettable each and every time you hit the road. Do so by outfitting your truck with a heavy duty tonneau cover and bed rack system that is a match made in truck heaven.

heavy duty tonneau cover and bed rack


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