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Nick G. from Arizona

If you ever find yourself venturing around the State Parks of Southern Arizona, you might be sharing the trail with overland group organizer, Nick G. Among the long list of off road capable modifications done to his 2016 Toyota Tacoma, you’ll find it’s been outfitted with a DiamondBack HD in Rugged Black, Front Runner X DiamondBack Rack System, and topped with a Tuff Stuff Overland Alpha II hard-shell rooftop tent.

There are a lot of truck bed accessory options out there. Ultimately, what drove you to DiamondBack?

Nick: There are numerous factors that drove me to DiamondBack Covers vs. other heavy duty truck bed covers/truck bed rack systems. DiamondBack is a true American made company and they stand behind their product. I can count on all of my gear to be protected from the elements. Arizona is a dusty place, I can leave my vehicle parked with no worry. Most importantly, the system just works, time and time again. It stands up to the test of time and is an incredibly durable product. I can store extra gear below and have a workbench up top — all while hauling my rooftop tent. It has exceeded my expectations and supported all of my needs.

While we may all dream 24/7 about that one spot, or our next outing. On a typical day, where would we find you?

Nick: My home-office, I work in a remote healthcare role which allowed my family to relocate to the beautiful state of Arizona. My workday is generally followed by a workout, or project around the house. Of course there needs to be balance, so I can also be found with my girls and pup.

You’re headed out on a weekend trip. Where are you headed?

Nick: For a semi-local weekend trip, it’s usually 45 minutes to 1 hour from my home here in southern Arizona. You’ll usually find me in either Coronado National Forest or Patagonia. Hard to beat being in that type of scenery so close to home.

Free time is a rarity. What made you decide to spend yours overlanding?

Nick: What originally attracted me to overlanding is two fold. Firstly, I love building things. I’m a tinkerer. Creating a truck build is an art form to me and allows me to bring my ever-evolving vision to life. What could be more fun than creating a super capable off-road vehicle that provides for a whole family? Secondly, it is one sure way to go out somewhere and quiet the mind. It’s allowed me to navigate the most beautiful scenery I’ve laid eyes on, all while creating lasting memories with loved ones and friends.

What is the key to a successful overland excursion?

Nick: I have trouble narrowing this down to one, so here are my top two: 

  1. Communication. It’s a must have when one or more vehicles are in the mix, or for general emergency if alone. Must must must have.

  2. Backup vehicle. You never know what could happen, it never hurts to have a second set of tires on the trail.

Tell us about your favorite gear and gadgets.

Nick: I like my strike-a-fire fire starters for getting set up at camp with a nice warm fire, axe for processing wood. Interior wise, RAM mounts are great for mounting navigation and such, Rotopax have been great for extra storage needs. A good flashlight can be had for around $100 which is key at night. A first–aid kit is important and gets used more than you’d think. A good aeropress for my coffee lovers. List is endless!

Give us an inside look at your bed setup. What are some things we can always count on finding underneath your DiamondBack?

Nick: Everything… From camp gear to clothes, grill, chairs, bedding, leveling blocks, you name it. When I pull everything out it looks like we’ve set up shop to stay. I like to organize my bed with totes to quickly set up and close shop.


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