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Chasing Waterfowl Across The Lonestar State


Nic B. from Texas
It’s not always smooth sailing for Nic B. of Texas, and he much rather prefers it that way. From the frozen rivers of Montana to the washed-out marshes of the Lone Star State, Nic depends on his truck to always be up to the task at hand. When it came to outfitting his 2020 Ford F150, he looked no further than the DiamondBack HD. We got time to talk to Nic and get the rundown on his setup and how it helps him and his team out on the hunt, no matter the conditions.

There are a lot of truck bed accessory options out there. Ultimately, what drove you to DiamondBack?

Nic: There were a lot of factors and research that went into my decision. Ultimately, it came down to the build quality of a DiamondBack. I spend a lot of time in very harsh environments. Simply put, I needed a cover that could handle the elements and that I could depend on to not break after taking a beating, time after time. DiamondBack was the way to go.

While we may all dream 24/7 about that one spot, or our next outing. On a typical day, where would we find you?

Nic: I work in Cyber Security, which is one of the reasons I was drawn to DiamondBack. When it comes to security of any kind, you can never be too safe.

Tell us about your favorite gear and gadgets that cost under $100.

Nic: I’d say my favorite piece of affordable gear is my Stanley Classic Thermos. Those all nighters in the marsh are tough without hot coffee! Forget it once and it’ll never happen again, trust me.

What is one piece of gear you’ll never hunt without?

Nic: Easy, Sitka Waders. I believe in products that last and when it comes to gear that protects you from the elements, it's money well spent.

Give us an inside look at your bed setup. What are some things we can always count on finding underneath your DiamondBack?

Nic: No matter the time of year, you can always count on seeing a 45 quart YETI cooler surrounded by a healthy amount of Heyday decoys.

Tell us about one hunt that you’ll never forget?

Nic: December 2022 we hunted a river in Montana. It was -22 degrees outside with a -37 windchill. It was so cold that birds were freezing on the banks. We had to fight our we off the launch. After busting open the boat ramp with ice augers and sledge hammers, we rode 30 minutes down river where we set up on thick set ice.

It wasn’t easy work, but our decoy birds worked perfectly and we harvested some incredible late season birds. The payoff made it all worth it.


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