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Fly Fishing in the Uinta Mountains


Chris K. from Utah

When not spending his days in the cardiovascular research labs of the University of Utah, avid outdoorsman Chris K. can be found throwing flies somewhere along the Uinta Mountain range. His 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD is equipped with a Diamondback SE in Rugged Black. Around the perimeter of his SE you’ll find a total of 8 anchor cleats, 4 additional tie-down points were added to fully utilize his DiamondBack’s on-top hauling abilities. Underneath his cover you’ll find a Cross Bin 8, holding “just about everything needed to make my truck ready for any adventure I might tackle”.


There are a lot of truck bed accessory options out there. Ultimately, what drove you to DiamondBack?

Chris: The security and peace of mind that comes with the Diamondback. I wanted a heavy duty cover that protects my gear both on the way to the river or mountain, and while I am out fishing, skiing or hiking. A tonneau cover that can take a pounding and looks damn good doing it. The DiamondBack HD is easily the best looking cover out there, and the lifetime warranty doesn't hurt either. I have owned my DiamondBack for 5 years now and don't regret it for a second.

While we may all dream 24/7 about that one spot, or our next outing. On a typical day, where would we find you?

Chris: I am part of a research team studying heart defects like atrial fibrillation at the University of Utah Cardiovascular Research and Training Institute. Most days you will find me working in the lab analyzing beating heart cells and associated DNA.

You’re headed out on a weekend trip. Where are you headed?

Chris: There are so many places to spend your time here in Utah, but my favorite go-to destination is fly fishing the high mountain streams of the Uinta Mountain range. Access to endless dirt roads that take you directly stream-side, nothing beats it. I will park, gear up and wade the waters for miles. There are multiple options to get you out into solitude. I run into more deer, elk or moose than people.

Variety may be the spice of life, but what is one faithful fly you won’t leave home without?

Chris: My old faithful is a Parachute Adams. I seem to either start out, or switch back to that fly more than any other. Come summer or fall, whether I am in Utah or Idaho and regardless of the river, somehow that fly finds me the most success.

What is one piece of gear you’ll never fish without?

Chris: That is a toss up between my Orvis wading boots, and my Costa polarized sunglasses. You won't find me out on the river without either of those on.

Give us an inside look at your bed setup. What are some things we can always count on finding underneath your DiamondBack?

Chris: The bed of my truck is like a Swiss army knife. You can count on two things under my DiamondBack at all times, my DiamondBack Cross Bin and my truck supplies box. Between the two, I have just about every tool or emergency item needed to enjoy and cope with any adventure. I carry everything from an axe, shovel, ammo, camping knives, recovery boards and rope, to first aid kits, extra boots, blankets, trekking poles and flares. I keep those items handy and organized so I am prepared if need comes.

Tell us about one trail or trip that you’ll never forget?

Chris: My first fly fishing trip to the Salmon River above Stanley, Idaho. A lifelong buddy of mine, who got me into fly fishing a few years ago, took me and a couple other great friends to his favorite spot on the river. There was no one around and flows were just right for wading. The sun was out, air and water temps were perfect, and bald eagles were flying overhead. The Sawtooth Mountains were standing majestic in the background, like straight out of a movie. We must have each caught (and released) 20-30 Rainbow and Cutbow trout that were all about 16-24 inches in an afternoon. It was a dream.


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