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Jason Matzinger


Bozeman, Montana

Born and raised in Bozeman, Montana, Jason Matzinger has lived his life surrounded by and immersed in natural beauty. As a kid, he was introduced to the challenging terrain and wildlife of Montana’s backcountry by his dad, Tim, and Tim’s hunting pal, George. Blown away by those early experiences and eager to share them with friends, Jason decided to tote a camera along on an elk hunt and met his fate in the process. Through his dad, Jason developed a love and appreciation for the wild world and man’s place in it. Through his lens, he learned the power of storytelling. Decades after his first crack with a camera, Jason’s conservation-focused films are as beautiful as they are educational, and there’s a long list of awards to prove it. More than awards, Jason is motivated by a desire to see our natural resources left in the hands of a generation that loves and protects them better than we did, beginning with his sons, Dawson and Asher.

What’s your favorite piece of land on earth and why?

Jason: Montana. My family has been a part of this landscape for 4 generations.  We’ve done our best to take care of her and in return she has provided us with an incredible life…

Tell us about your toughest day in the woods. Any changes to your preparation as a result?

Jason: I’ve had so many tough days it’s honestly hard for me to pick out just one.  Overall, I have learned to be more prepared with basics like food & water. It’s easy to get tunnel vision for the hunt and forget what the stakes are.

You never seem to slow down. What keeps you going?

Jason: The thought of wildlife & wild places all being gone someday and not being able to enjoy the freedom & clarity they provide to us and our souls.

Do you ever relax? How?

Jason: Camping with my boys is about as relaxed as you’ll find me these days.


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