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Venice, Louisiana

Eric and Moe Newman are a husband and wife team based on the Gulf Coast. Both grew up fishing the clear waters of the Gulf, Eric in their home state of Louisiana, Moe in Mississippi. Eric's love for fresh seafood and southern hospitality took him into the food and beverage business where he would eventually open his own fine-dining restaurant. Moe wasn't able to take her eyes off the water and began a career as a fishing guide, eventually becoming one of only a few full-time female boat captains in the United States. Now, the couple combines their skills to provide unforgettable experiences to families and world-renowned anglers alike.

Tell us about the best day you had on the water.

Moe: ​Our best day on the water was just this past summer.  There’s a family who’s been fishing with us for years. They have twin daughters who shared a dream to catch a yellowfin tuna before heading off to college. They booked a trip in June and we went searching for their bucket list fish. And we found them!  Each girl got to reel in their first yellowfin tuna, and as the day went on the fish seemed to get bigger. One landed a 110-lb. yellowfin tuna after over an hour-long fight. When each of them had their fair share of tuna, we changed the strategy up and started targeting blue marlin. Well another stud yellowfin tuna took the bait and came in at 165 pounds after a long battle.  What made that day even more special is that one of the twins, Beka, is battling an eye disease which may take her eyesight one day. She and her family are doing what they can to delay this, while making the most of each moment. Our fishing location that day? An offshore oil platform called Blind Faith.

How about the worst day you've had on the water?

Eric: The worst days are when you’re caught in a summer thunderstorm. We’ve run into plenty but now rely on our electronics to help us avoid them for our client’s sake, as well as our own. We get some pressure from our clients who say “Water isn’t going to hurt us.” There was a time when we may have listened to them and taken the risk. Now, they can say all they want. If  a storm with lighting pops up, our boat heads north. No questions asked!

Is there a species of fish you enjoy catching the most? Why?

Eric: ​Bull redfish are one of our favorite fish to catch. They’re aggressive in shallow water, and there are a number of strategies we can use to target them throughout the year.

What items can usually be found underneath your DiamondBack? Anything you’d never leave home without?

Moe: In both of our trucks, we keep tow straps, tool kits, an air compressor, and supplies to change a spare.  All this gear stays under our DiamondBack year round because we are always trailering boats, and we can’t afford to have a trip spoiled by a surprise that’s avoidable.


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