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The most durable butterfly tonneau cover.

With two near full-length, side-opening panels, you now have complete open access to the entire bed of your Tacoma from both sides of the DiamondBack 180. This means you can work and play directly out of your truck without having to crawl into the bed to reach stuff.

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  • Haul Capacity 400LBS
  • Cleats Included 0
  • Max Panel Weight 40LBS
Built in the USA Lifetime Warranty Free Shipping 30 Day Returns
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Finally reach into your

Entire bed.

With butterfly doors that run the length of your truck bed, you now have complete open access to your entire bed from both side of your truck. Optional storage bins underneath the access panels keep you and your things organized.

  • Two near full-length, side opening panels
  • Butterfly-style three-hatch design
  • Optional storage bins

Protection you can

Count on.

Keyed lock handles actuate steel lock rods that keep your equipment secure. A thick EPDM compression gasket around the perimeter and gutters along the hinge points keep water out your bed.

  • 3/8" deadbolt-style lock rods
  • Die-cast zinc lock handles
  • EPDM compression perimeter gasket
  • Gutter-protected hinge points

Durability you can

Rely On.

Made of aluminum diamond plate, the DiamondBack 180 tonneau cover can't crack, rip or tear like other tonneau covers providing unmatched durability against everyday abuse.

  • .080" 3003 alloy aluminum grade
  • 105 lb. maximum cover weight
  • Customize with hooks, lights, racks

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Get the truck cover you want. Easy financing and low payments available with Affirm.



Get the truck cover you want. Easy financing and low payments available with Affirm.

The coating we use is the exact same spray-on bedliner material used by Ford, Toyota and others for their new trucks before they leave the factory. The largest truck manufacturers have identified this material as the highest-quality coating on the market due to it being the most durable and hardest spray-on coating available. It’s easy to clean and resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel, chlorine and paint. Plus it is environmentally friendly with 100% solids and VOC Free.

The difference is the aluminum underneath the spray-on coating. Rugged Black features diamond plate aluminum and Smooth Black features smooth plate aluminum.

Yes. Because DiamondBack covers rest on top of the cargo box’s rails, bulkhead and tailgate and do not engage with the tailgate, opening and closing your tailgate while the cover is closed will be no issue. Even with a load on top of the cover. Auto-opening the tailgate via key fob may not work.

Yes. Those covers are rated at 400 lbs, so as long as you do not exceed that limit, you are good to stand or walk on top.

Not as vulnerable as you may think. We utilize flat-head machine screws and nylon lock-nuts to fasten our hinges to the cover. The nylon lock-nuts make it very difficult to loosen the screw from the topside of the cover only.

A DiamondBack cover will make the inside of your bed hotter than if it wasn't there. Anytime you remove flowing air from a space, the temperature in that space is more likely to rise, just as it is in your truck’s cab.

We do not have any stocking dealers. is the only authorized retailer, unless otherwise stipulated. For questions on ordering, contact us at 1-800-935-4002.

Yes, with one exception. In addition to the neoprene gasket that’s pre-affixed around the perimeter of your DiamondBack truck bed cover, most late-model pickups will need a single piece of weatherstrip applied to the top of the cargo box bulkhead before the DiamondBack is installed. This piece of weather strip is shipped along with every cover we sell.

Not hard. You’ll need to know how to use a hex key, a socket wrench, and in the case of DiamondBack 270s and DiamondBack 180s, a drill. It also helps to have a second person present. Please have a look at our installation guides for more details.

Yes. In fact, we ship to houses more than to any other kind of destination. Since a delivery signature will be required, the freight carrier will call ahead to schedule a half-day appointment when they know someone will be home to sign.

Product Specs

Hauling Capacity 400 lb. dynamic load rating
600 lb. static load rating
Dimensions Cover length: 62.875"
Cover width at cab: 65"
Cover width at tail: 62"
Opening size: 50.875" × 25.75"
Construction .080” 3003 alloy aluminum grade
2 structural studs
Neoprene compression gasket
Stainless steel hinges and external hardware
3/8“ steel lock rods
Die-cast zinc, keyed lock handles
5356 alloy TIG welds
In the Box DiamondBack 180 (assembly required)
Gas springs (4)
Cap clamps (2)
Mounting brackets (2)
1/8" hex key
Bulkhead weatherstrip
Installation Time 60 min
Removal Time 10 min
Hauling Capacity 400 lbs.
Dimensions Cab/Tailgate Panel: 72” | 40 lbs.
Center Panel: 6” | 25 lbs.
Total Cover Weight: 105 lbs.
Construction .080” 3003 alloy aluminum grade
2 structural studs
EPDM compression gasket
Stainless steel hinges and external hardware
3/8“ steel lock rods
Die-cast zinc, keyed lock handles
5356 alloy TIG welds
In the Box DiamondBack 180 (assembly required)
Gas springs (4)
Cap clamps (2)
Striker brackets (2)
1/8” hex key
Installation Time 45 min
Removal Time 10 min


We build the toughest truck bed covers on the market and we stand behind them. DiamondBack products come with a limited lifetime warranty which covers both the manufacture and parts of the cover. Learn more

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How to Measure Your truck Bed:

Bed length is the distance between the inside of your tailgate and the bulkhead.

Does Your Bed Have an In-bed Track?

An in-bed track requires special cap clamps for installation.

Does Your Bed Have an In-bed Track?

An in-bed track is required to install this cover.

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