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How To Live A More Adventurous Life


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines adventure as “an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.” Sounds a lot like life. Actually, that sounds like all the best parts of life.

Each of us has our own “unknown risks” based on life experiences. One person’s adventure could be kayak fishing or bouldering, while another might need something more fast–paced. Maybe your adventure is something completely sedentary but new. However you get your fix, we believe that a more adventurous life is a happier life, so we’ve put together this guide of five tips to help you test life’s limits.

1. Define Your Adventure

You’ll have a much easier time finding adventure if you know what you’re looking for. List out a handful of activities that you’ve been eyeing from afar, or ones you’d like to make more of a habit. Most of us visualize the outdoors when we think of adventure, but we’d recommend thinking more broadly. What are some “risky undertakings” that you’ve been putting off? To get your creative juices flowing, we’ll list some of our ideas.

  • Bikepacking
  • Kayak camping
  • Overlanding
  • Snow hiking
  • Bass fishing
  • Turkey hunting
  • Brisket smoking
  • Ice fishing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Trail running
  • Rock climbing
  • Snorkeling


prepare to fish using truck cover

2. Budget Your Time

As with most items on our to-do lists, packed schedules are the biggest roadblock in our quest for a life of adventure. While some have the luxury of months-long sabbaticals and long-term remote work, most of us need to be more strategic in the management of our time. In fact, most of this blog post is related to mastering or working around time constraints. However full your calendar, start by sitting down and looking for the soft spots in your schedule. How much time is needed for the hobbies you’re looking to tackle? Be realistic. This practice is about finding windows of time within your week that can be appropriated for adventure. If your biggest window of free time is only an hour long, a round of golf will be tough but some time at the range would fit in nicely. What obligations are flexible? Any opportunities to bundle errands together to make those free windows larger?

3. Map It Out

Next, head to Google Maps and create a list of places for each new pursuit. Based on your list of adventures and available time, look for, and pin, ideal locations that are close to home. Some of your interests may require travel. That’s fine. Determine how far you’d need to go, and how much time you’d need to spend to make the trip worthwhile. Snorkeling may not be available nearby, but you’ll be able to find a venue for most activities within a 15 mile radius of your home. The less out of the way, the more likely you’ll be to stick to a plan.


ready to bike

4. Stay At The Ready

One of the simplest ways to live more adventurously is to be ready when opportunities knock. Scheduling time for your passions is essential, but what about those unplanned moments when all the stars align? Keep your truck loaded with the gear that’s essential to your new endeavors and you’ll change your evening commute forever. Items that aren’t easily carted around should be staged for loading. Get your loadout routine dialed in until it’s second nature and takes no longer than 5-10 minutes. Let’s not spend the entirety of our free time fussing with straps in the driveway. If you’re looking to spend more time in the yak this year, invest in a rack and components that will make that more likely.


light under truck cover at night

5. There’s No Time Like The Worst Time

Sometimes the stars don’t align. Sometimes the weather’s crummy, the sun is down, and there you sit with a couple of hours to kill. There’s no need to wait for the sunrise, or for the weather change. For the well equipped, adventures are made all the better by bad weather and darkness. Invest in some basic gear that will widen your horizons, and be sure to keep your truck well fortified so you’re able to press on with confidence. There’s an awesome joy that comes from being where others are afraid to go, all because you took the steps to prepare, and then kept on stepping until you landed in a spot completely new to you. That’s adventure.

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