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Protect your Gear and
Be Ready.

DiamondBack Covers lock and seal your bed and are built to last so you can have peace of mind your gear is safe and confidence your cover will outlast the truck you put it on.

Superman Security Supermax
Stronghaul Design Stronghaul
Weatherwall Defense Weatherwall
Built in the USA Built In

Protects your Gear.

With aluminum up to 4x thicker than other folding bed covers and an anti-theft design with high-security components, our truck covers are built to keep your gear safe.

“I bought this to keep my gear safe while traveling. It’s purely insurance my stuff will be there when I get to my next destination.”

Derek C.

“Great for keeping cargo secure and I feel my gear is safe wherever I park my truck.”

Roy D.

“Being a police officer and a volunteer firefighter I love the security of my DiamondBack to keep my gear safe.”

Thomas L.

Keeps your Gear Dry.

Engineered to endure the elements because no one likes wet gear.



Thick EDPM compression gasket seals to your bed keeping the elements out.

“It kept everything dry on my camping trip when it poured rain for 2 whole days.”

Steve G.

“Over the last 5 years I’ve used my DiamondBack in snowy and dry climates. Keeps the bed dry in heavy rain and during car washes.”

Scott F.

“I couldn’t be happier after driving in a torrential rainstorm and multiple car washes and I haven’t detected a single leak.”

Thomas M.

Rain Gutters

Standing water is channeled away when you open a DiamondBack.

Built to Last.

A patented design with aluminum construction provides unmatched
strength and capability. Backed up with a lifetime warranty.

Strength =


Work or play, being able to load up to 1,600 lbs. on top is a force multiplier for you and your truck, saving you trips, time and effort.

“Took a falling tree branch with no damage.”

Stephen L.

Aluminum Ribs.

Built by bending and welding 0.080" aluminum, not gluing plastic or thin 0.02" aluminum to foam like other folding truck covers.

Proudly Built in the USA.

DiamondBack invented the first top-hauling, ultra-durable folding truckbed cover and each one is built in Philipsburg, PA by a team dedicated to American manufacturing.

Hear it from the ones
who are ready

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99% of customers would recommend DiamondBack to a friend.

Authentic reviews written by DiamondBack owners who had the same questions you’re asking now. After real-world experience, they have the answers.


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Get the truck cover you want. Easy financing and low payments available with Affirm.



Get the truck cover you want. Easy financing and low payments available with Affirm.

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